TEST: The Newcastle Brothers 2.0

Hello again! It’s been awhile since we’ve posted here but we’ve got some news and this is a good place to share it. There have been some changes in the band, notably the addition of Cory Verbin on guitar, keyboards, and vocals.

We’ve got some photos to share from recent gigs and are working on a new demo video that we will post soon. Please check back later -and often- for news on upcoming gigs. Hope to see you soon.

The Newcastle Brothers 2oh

Satori Cellars 9/20

We’re shakin’ off the summer slumber. Put on your dancin’ shoes and kick up some dust with us at Satori Cellars this Saturday 1 – 5 PM. George will be running the board and making us sound great. This is Matt’s penultimate gig with us! And it’s always a great time at Satori!

Born To Rock

Welcome to the Newcastle  Brothers Band.

Our first gig of the summer season is on Saturday April12, 7:00 PM at Grinds, Vines & Autombilia Cafe, aka: GVA, 17400 Monterey Rd, Morgan Hill, CA 95037  (408) 776-0571